postpartum doula support

photo credit: Charlee Photos 2016

What does a postpartum doula do?

A postpartum doula helps a parent feel comfortable and confident in caring for their newborn by understanding and validating their intuitive abilities. Care may include:

-offering encouragement,

non-judgmental support, and 



-ensuring adequate sleep, 

nutrition, and hydration during recovery


-assisting with newborn care and family adjustments


-light housekeeping and meal preparation

-providing evidence based information


-offering tips for infant care and feeding, as well as infant feeding support


-relaxation and soothing techniques for babes, coping skills for parents, and suggesting appropriate referrals 


-a caring companion during physical and emotional recovery, supporting the family as a whole


Monday to Friday

7am to 7pm



Monday to Friday

7pm to 7am



Friday 7pm to

Monday 7am