birth doula support


Why? Doulas provide emotional, physical, and partner support, as well as evidence-based information and advocacy. Research shows using a doula can result in:

  • decreased use of Pitocin
  • reduced chance of cesarean birth
  • reduced use of any pain medication
  • decreased duration of labor
  • more likely to rate childbirth experience positively

For more evidence on doulas, look here.

 birth doula support plan:


a complimentary initial meeting to discuss your needs and to see if together we are a good fit

(approximately 1 hour)


two in-home prenatal visits (each lasting approximately 2 hours) discussing:

-birth wishes/preferences

-care provider collaboration 

-the labor & birth process/intensive childbirth education class

-comfort measures/birth partner involvement

-positions for labor & birth/optimal fetal positioning

-newborn & postpartum care plans


continuous phone & email support through your pregnancy

(<24 hour response time)

access to an extensive lending library, as well as the most up-to-date, evidence-based resources & recommendations 

'on-call' support from 37 weeks until baby's birth


complementary rental of an Elle TENS machine during labor

continuous support once active labor begins 


immediate postpartum care & assistance establishing feeding

(remaining 1-2 hours after baby's arrival)


two postpartum follow-up visits discussing:

-nursing support/feeding options

-birthing person's nutrition/

meal planning/sleep/mood

-postpartum transition

-babywearing tips & tricks

-infant massage instruction

phone & email support through your

fourth trimester 

(<24 hour response time)

Investment: $2500

  (a deposit of $1250 is due upon hiring, and the remaining balance is due by 37 weeks of pregnancy)



**payment plans can be arranged**

please inquire to discuss creative payment

 options to enable all pregnant people access to doula support 



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childbirth ed "crash course"

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$250 includes one 3 hour session 

(inquire for session options)

infant massage training

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newborn feeding support

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